Wallace & Partners Consulting has played a pivotal role in Luminous Cleaning Services, LLC. They helped with developing and editing my business plan and with their vast knowledge and expertise in business, including their broad network, I was able to gain my first customer. I thank them for their hard work and dedication to ensure the success of businesses.  ~ R. Pratt, CEO -  Luminous Cleaning Services, LLC


When a position for an Operations Manager opened up in my department, I knew that it was something that I had to go for. Wallace & Partners Consulting was instrumental in preparing me for this opportunity. They provided guidance and instruction on how to create a professional resume, preparation for the interview, and once I got the position they helped me with my career path planning and development. With the help of Wallace & Partners I received my first promotion within 1 year! I will continue to consult with them throughout my professional career.  ~S. Harper, Operations Manager